What We Do

Childhood Leukemia Foundation was founded in 1992 to educate and empower children 21 years or younger diagnosed with all forms of cancer. Childhood Leukemia Foundation’s programs increase self-esteem, and give children the opportunity to have fun experiences and be better able to cope with cancer.

Since inception, Childhood Leukemia Foundation has strived to maximize the effectiveness of its programs by developing new strategies to meet the needs of children with cancer, as well as refining existing programs based on feedback from children, parents and health professionals.

Throughout the years, Childhood Leukemia Foundation has maintained and expanded its hospital network to include more than 250 hospitals in major cities across the United States.

Childhood Leukemia Foundation created its Educational Wish Basket program to deliver a cheerful surprise to hospitalized children facing cancer. Each Wish Basket contains many gift items purposely selected to help improve and maintain necessary skills sets needed for continued development. Every item challenges, engages, comforts, and offers recreation during and after the many lengthy hospital stays associated with cancer treatment.

Keeping Kids Connected program gifts iPads to children and hospitals to help young cancer patients to remain connected to family, friends and school while receiving treatment. In addition, the iPads are a very useful tool to help divert the child’s attention during stressful, lengthy or painful procedures.